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Week of April 12, 2004
Vitamins C, E And Grapeseed Extract Shown To Help Improve Smokers' Response To Gum Disease Treatment
In a study recently conducted at the University at Buffalo's Periodontal Research Center, scientists showed that smokers who took a supplement containing vitamins C, E and grapeseed extract were able to improve their response to gum disease treatment. This was illustrated by the patients' better gum attachment and overall general, improved oral health while undergoing standard dental care for gum infection.

Source: www.buffalo.edu


Week of September 22, 2003
Grape Seed Extract Activates Cells That Support The Immune System In Vitro
Grape Seed Extract (GSE) appears to induce the production of helper cells known as T-cells (TH1), according to researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo. They conducted in vitro, more commonly known as test tube, research and discovered that GSE exerted anti-tumor and anti-viral effects.

Source: Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, Volume 9, Number 2.


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Week of September 22, 2003
Grape Seed Extract Activates Cells That Support The Immune System In Vitro

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